Leap Dashboard — 2.0.1

New Features

  • Accounts can be converted from Leap partners to full accounts


Price Guide Import

  • Display more detailed success/error message when data is validated in preparation for a mass price change
  • Remove empty spaces around IDs before import process.
  • Performance improvements to the validation engine that runs before a price guide is imported


  • eMail validation table is now more efficient
  • Updated labels for JobNimbus integrations
  • Added pagination options for 50 and 100 entries in the Price Guide
  • Automatically set included offices when adding measure sheet items
  • Added a clear button to integration settings to allow them to be disabled


  • Pitchbook objects / PDF resources now have page number correctly set when created with thumbnails
  • Fixed bug where thumbnails do not copy when a price guide is copied
  • Corrected Marketsharp timestamp display
  • Now returning correct error message from credit card payment gateways
  • Left navigation now stays open when price formulas are selected in App Settings
  • Linked placeholders in contracts now will only display relevant options after being linked with a measure sheet item
  • Lines can be removed from DocuSign carbon copies
  • Remedied issue in certain use cases where activated finance option would not save their active/inactive status correctly