Leap Dashboard — 2.0.3

New Features

  • New Credit Integration: Dividend Finance
  • New Credit Integration: Amerifirst Home Mortgage


  • Improved infrastructure security
  • All attachments can be downloaded at once
  • Support for larger price guides
  • Infrastructure upgrades to allow for larger price guide support
  • Users without permissions to view/edit the price guide now simply see empty price guides instead of repeated permission denied messages
  • Better visual separation between selected option and hovered option in drop-downs in the package creator
  • Detail image/line items now can link to measure sheets
  • Image pickers in documents can now have default images disabled
  • Contracts sections (Headers, Body, and Signature) now can be dragged into different order
  • Webhooks to external systems now support redirects
  • Email links can be automatically organized by the folders from the resource library
  • Documents can now be cloned without state and/or office selected


  • Corrected issue where users would be logged out of the IOS app if they logged into the dashboard
  • Corrected issue where users logging into the application after the dashboard would be automatically logged out of the dashboard
  • Corrected Linked Measure Sheet Item displayed item count total
  • Corrected visual issue using Apple Safari with multiple drop-downs open when filtering the price guide
  • Pagination now correctly displays when there are fewer items than can be displayed on the current page
  • Corrected visual bug with date selector in attachments section
  • Corrected loading indicator when copying templates from template library
  • Corrections to GroupMe integration and error handling
  • Corrected bug where contracts could not be sent if a default icon had not been set
  • Hover now correctly indicates that it was authenticated
  • Corrected visual bug with file menu display when settings menu is already open on document editor


  • Removed Upload section from Credit App Settings
  • User avatar images have been removed