Leap Dashboard — 2.0.4

New Features

  • Left navigation now is able to collapse


  • Credit applications are now editable (Note – some editing features are intentionally limited if the application is partner-sourced)
  • Added a loading screen to show when large uploads are in progress
  • Modifications to field validations to a few integrations and user creation screens
  • Template builder will prevent blank images from being saved
  • DocuSign settings now require failure recipients be defined
  • Linking photos to documents can now be disabled at the measure sheet
  • Resource folder renaming ALSO renames the folders of all resources in the folder
  • Improvements to payment capture error messages
  • Soft-Lite products now import to the category “Soft-Lite Windows” instead of “Windows”
  • Corporate administrators are now restricted from processing payments
  • Corporate administrators will have all sessions logged out when changing companies
  • Web hooks now support redirects
  • Regular updates to underlying code libraries
  • Performance improvements to databases


  • GroupMe error and activation status messages now display correctly
  • Bugfixes related to saving credit applications and documents
  • Bugfix to handling of measure sheet items after an office has been deleted.
  • Various minor fixes to Safari-based page rendering
  • Force horizontal scrollbar to show on Finance section
  • Price guide options are now preserved if a measure sheet item is collapsed
  • Linking dialog box in document builder will no longer display “Loading…” if no measure sheet items are available
  • Picker cells can now be correctly copied and pasted in documents
  • Cell types in Detail Line Item are now: Text (Words), Text (Sentence), Text (Paragraph), Image Selector, Switched
  • Empty permission groups can now be deleted
  • Corrected the string output by category menu on documents where no categories are defined in the measure sheet
  • Price guide importer will not add offices that are not in the company but defined in the import file
  • Added specific message if Dividend Finance integration rejects the application due to unavailability of credit bureaus
  • Updates to Foundation Finance integration endpoints
  • Website access permission is now being correctly honored