Leap Dashboard — 2.0.6

New Features

  • E-mails now support tracking of opens
  • Integration with EnerBank financing
  • Integration with Amerifirst financing
  • New placeholders


  • Up-charge identifier field shows by default
  • Added warning message when users navigate away from the price guide with unsaved changes
  • Mass price change now supports up-charges
  • Send review and print can be disabled
  • Action buttons have had labels unified and standardized
  • Modified interface to create/edit text pickers (supports copy/paste and line-delimited entry)
  • Text pickers can now have a blank/unselected option
  • Updated typography site-wide
  • Marketsharp integration now supports hide in calendar feature


  • Thumbnails can be deleted from items
  • Detail/line item image picker titles no longer show in the pdf view
  • Made the selection of header and body titles easier
  • Alphabetized integrations and settings
  • Made the cursor to display a pointer on the active column selector in the price guide
  • Fixed a use case where a missing logo would cause the dashboard to malfunction
  • Resources now can have thumbnails and files replaced
  • Corrected issue where attempting to add an already extant users would create an error message loop