Leap Dashboard — 2.1.0

New Features

  • New section where all customers, estimates, attachments, and payments can be explored (replaces the Attachment section)
  • Send payment requests to customers when a payment gateway has been configured
  • Email domains are now automatically checked for SPF records when set as reply-to addresses in the dashboard
  • Enerbank integration is now available
  • Each category now can have a specific identifier to hold a category-specific markup in price formulas


  • Updated header and navigation styles
  • Updates to visual styles of the send messages list
  • Moved payments record and capture to new estimate section
  • Added a toggle to make option rows stick to the top of the page when scrolling
  • Limited warning message about unsaved lines in the measure sheet to only display once
  • Added new date-related placeholders to custom documents (%year%, %day%, %weekday%, %weekdayAbbv%, %month%, %monthName%, %monthNameAbbv%)
  • When a user selects fields to show/hide in the price guide, those selections are now saved to the user’s profile
  • Copying price guide now displays a success message when complete
  • Copying price guides now include formulas and identifiers
  • Copying settings now allows selection of source office
  • Custom document types cannot be deleted if templates have been created for that type
  • The “All” option from the office selector has been removed
  • Added a textarea input style to the results section standard picker
  • Added support to void transactions in the payment section
  • Import price guide has additional validations to prevent ambiguous commands
  • Additional validations to the appointments webhook
  • Users will now get a push notification if their Marketsharp or SalesForce API credentials fail to log them in
  • Email bounces now have more detailed reasons returned


  • Fixed issue where adding measure sheet items to collapsed options would cause existing options to be cleared
  • Fixed issue where users could not edit permissions beyond 25 users
  • Fixed issue where horizontal scrolling in dynamic cell editor would have unpredictable visual behavior
  • Corrected bug where dragging additional details would not re-order
  • Corrected issue where toggling the required flag with multiple unsaved additional details would clear the unsaved fields
  • New documents now correctly show the offices selected by default
  • Minor interaction bugs fixed
  • DocuSign settings now correctly shows that failure recipients are required
  • DocuSign carbon copy field now allows %userEmail% as a valid setting
  • Fixed UI issue where the cell title could not be highlighted in the editor
  • Font sizes can be specified in decimal numbers
  • Fixed bug where the document editor “Save as New” function would overwrite an existing document with the new changes
  • Watermarks on documents now upload correctly
  • Corrected payment capture bug where in certain circumstances a rounding error would reduce payment by a few tenths of a cent


  • Attachments list section (replaced by Estimates section)
  • Amerifirst URL redirect setting