Leap Dashboard — 2.1.1

New Features


  • Minor updates to typography to improve readability
  • Payment capture email configuration now supports email placeholders
  • Added timestamp in addition to the already extant dates displayed on the email list page
  • Performance improvement for the Estimates page
  • Results fields now store their order
  • Added current page number to Estimates page
  • Copy price guide function now includes formulaId and formula


  • Estimates page now displays when the user that created it is no longer active
  • Minor corrections to position of buttons on picklists
  • Download all attachments button now hides when there are no attachments on estimate page
  • Corrected issue where error would be thrown when adding a container using the document tree in the contract editor
  • Minor visual bugfixes
  • Added support for a use case where Windows 10 clients were not adding correct mime types to excel files being uploaded. Files now import correctly.
  • Corrected bug where certain use cases caused the Finance Options page to freeze
  • Contracts now are correctly limited to one body section
  • Patch to Docusign file name validation rules
  • Resource loading screen no longer gets stuck on ‘loading’ when a file error occurs