Leap Dashboard — 2.1.2

New Features


  • Fixed issue where the office selector would not reliable update the settings displayed in dashboard without refreshing the page.
  • Minor visual edits to improve contrast on a few icons
  • Corrected issue where the finance option screen would freeze when a help chat window was initiated
  • Corrected issue where new measure sheet items would move to the top of the list after a refresh after creation
  • Corrected issue where FireFox on MacOS would not allow for lateral scroll on some pages
  • Fixed bug that, in some cases, prevented credit application thumbnails from uploading
  • Corrected bug where payments were not formatting properly
  • Corrected issue where some placeholders would not save
  • Corrected a typographical error on a label
  • Misc. visual fixes
  • Corrected issue where the appointment log would not show timestamps correctly
  • Corrected bug where in very limited circumstances a contract save action would crash the dashboard
  • Corrected issue that prevented company logo to display on some credit application
  • Updated validation on Service Finance dealer numbers
  • Corrected issue what caused newly created offices to be undeletable
  • Bugfix to copy measure sheet item function to ensure that all upcharges are copied as well
  • Updated AmeriFirst integration to match API updates