Leap Dashboard — 2.1.5

New Features

  • New placeholder support: mapping to appointments
  • New input types in documents: Date/Time and Time
  • After 6 incorrect login attempts, user accounts will be locked for 30 minutes


  • New validation mechanism prevents the creation of contract identifiers that are already used by categories
  • The price guide mass copy tool now allows multiple pages’ items to be selected
  • Misc efficiency improvements on the price guide
  • Updates to a labels and titles
  • Modified email preview box to support wider message designs
  • Document thumbnails can now be deleted
  • Resource folders no longer count against plan limits
  • Appointment search now excludes conjunctions and joining symbols (such as &)
  • Appointment hook is now capable of validating state 2-letter abbreviations
  • Performance improvement when searching customers in the Email and Estimate sections
  • Force server-level SSL redirection


  • Loading screen will now dismiss correctly if the session is closed before loading completes
  • Corrected issue where an dropdown does not close properly after a selection is made in the Results settings
  • Corrected problem where under certain circumstances editing a template would throw a critical error
  • Minor bugfixes to support Leap Pro plan
  • Corrected issue where incorrect error message would be displayed for certain statuses of finance integrations
  • Finance option export now correctly includes all office data
  • Corrected bug where document templates could not be published for certain users
  • Minor bugfixes for Foundation Finance, Amerifirst, and Enerbank integrations