Leap iOS Application — 2.16.0

New Features


  • Added the ability to delete Custom Packages without having to clear all.
  • Added support for when menus are rearranged from Dashboard. (Future release)
  • Added a Recalculate Terms button on GreenSky credit applications.
  • Added the ability to sort Documents by Name or Order to find documents easier.


  • Fixed an issue where Project Address was not working when using a Secure Credit Application.
  • Fixed the Requested Amount field in GreenSky applications to be a currency amount.
  • Fixed an issue where the Estimate Name was not updating for overdue Tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where a synced Google Calendar would push duplicate Emails through to appointments.
  • Fixed an issue where Package placeholders were not pulling correct information.
  • Fixed an issue where the Package placeholder for Name was not pulling through.
  • Fixed an issue where the splash screen for SalesPro was showing the incorrect version number.
  • Fixed an issue for Webpage resources where the top of the page was being cut off.
  • Fixed an issue where Estimate & Package Prices changed incorrectly when swiping on Price Formulas.
  • Fixed an issue for PFFileObject error coming up when a contract is being sent.
  • Fixed an issue where Dynamic cells were not working across sections.
  • Fixed an issue where Credit Applications were sending without a password.
  • Fixed an issue where Finance Options would disappear when tapping outside of the box.
  • Fixed spacing issues that would occur when using our in-line font tagging.
  • Fixed a crash when adding a file on Document screens.
  • Fixed a crash when navigating to a Category in Estimates.
  • Fixed a crash when navigating to the Resources section.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Primary & Secondary Phone and Emails would swap places.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not proceed after finishing GreenSky’s training in app.
  • Fixed an issue where Credit Applications were not populating correctly with the customer’s information.
  • Fixed an issue where Document sections can be greyed out even if all customer information has been entered.
  • Fixed a crash when users were navigating in between menu sections.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu button in portrait view would go missing randomly.