Leap Dashboard — 2.2.0

New Features

  • Documents can be restored after being deleted
  • Documents now support revisions allowing previous states to be restored
  • Documents now can be created as landscapes of Letter, Legal, and A4
  • Commission formulae now can be given a priority order to determine which to use if two theoretically apply
  • Payment capture requests from the dashboard now support both capture only and charge payment workflows


  • Dashboard menus will now be kept open when explicitly clicked on (they do not close on hover in this case)
  • Office selectors and similar controls are hidden on plans that are limited to a single office
  • Minor interface improvements to payment request email display
  • Added validation check that prevents results from having two “Total Sale” cells
  • Added support for custom document type display in breadcrumbs
  • Added a transaction ID column to the transaction table on estimates
  • Various minor visual improvements
  • Upgraded the resend-attachment system to allow resend attempts after the user has logged out
  • Performance improvements to search by name system for Estimates
  • Improved messaging when packages failed to copy to indicate the issue
  • Added support for resulting JobNimbus jobs (contacts were already supported)


  • Corrected issue where under certain circumstances dynamic conditions could not be added in the document editor
  • Corrected issue where under certain conditions the category display did not allow users to update entries or add new categories
  • Corrected issue where new packages could not be created for certain accounts
  • Corrected issue where certain empty appointment values would not display correctly when downloaded from SalesForce
  • Corrected minor interface bugs with document editor drag-and-drop functionality
  • Corrected bug that would prevent users from changing offices while editing custom document types
  • Corrected Docusign display in dashboard to correctly display when there were 2 file attachments
  • Corrected issue where payment capture page would not display correctly in certain circumstances
  • Corrected bug where two items that shared options were being batch deleted would error out


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Support (Microsoft Edge is still supported)