Leap Dashboard — 2.2.1

New Features

  • New cell type in documents that allow formulas to combine strings
  • New cell type in documents that allows for the selection of photos


  • Sketch cell type now supports backgrounds
  • Unsupported resource file types will now display a more informative error message if an upload is attempted
  • Change password now has a password confirmation field
  • Added pagination to Account > Payment history
  • Estimate details are linked on the email display
  • Added Canadian provinces to states list and more robust error handling on appointment webhooks
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Interface bug in Finance Options where when certain actions in a sequence could make cells non-responsive to updates
  • Corrected issue where a combination of dynamic cell with dependent picker cells would prevent the addition of conditions
  • Corrected bug where price formula parser would fail to calculate if empty square brackets are used
  • Office selector in document editor no longer shows on plans that include a single office
  • Corrected bug where finance options would not automatically assign to the correct office on plans that include a single office
  • Section labels now correctly populate on web dashboard
  • Corrected bug where DocuSign would show entries twice
  • Corrected issue where Microsoft Excel would display error on exported Finance Options workbook
  • Corrected issue in the price guide importer where a particular use case was not handled correctly
  • Bugfix to the JobNimbus D.O.B. field reference to pull correctly when resulting appointments
  • Corrected two typographic errors