Leap Dashboard — 2.2.2

New Features

  • Automated onboarding health report where users can get a snapshot of their account’s status


  • Menu items for Users, Permissions, Info/Billing, and Status Report have been moved in the Account group on the side navigation
  • Improved performance of the user management page
  • Improved display of App Title on sketch cells in document editor
  • Added a default loan code field to the Enerbank Integration settings
  • Added support for various Enerbank api updates
  • Added automated date formatting to Service Finance credit application
  • Improved performance on multiple database queries
  • Updated support for the Hover API
  • Added a new placeholder %estimateName%
  • Added a new placeholder %HoverSidingAreaWithOpenings%


  • Corrected issue where a new body container could not be dragged into a document where the previous body container had been deleted
  • Corrected issue where the dashboard would display an error when exiting the document editor under certain circumstances
  • Corrected issue where photo fields were being treated as required in templates event when required was deactivated on the additional detail entry
  • Corrected issue where GroupMe was limiting character inputs to one at a time
  • Corrected issue where the commission formula builder was not displaying all identifiers when more than 10 custom identifiers were set
  • Corrected issue that prevented results detail fields from being re-ordered
  • Corrected error where pressing enter in the search box of the email page would generate an error in rare circumstances
  • Corrected issue where resources could not be dragged into parent folders
  • Corrected issue where upcharges would not properly save 0 as a unique price
  • Corrected issue where an error was displayed when the price guide was loaded AND there were deleted offices AND a price guide import had been performed with references to the deleted offices still present
  • Corrected issue where an error was displayed upon logout
  • Corrected issue where under certain circumstances an error would be returned when refunding a transaction
  • Bugfix where certain formats of data from LeadPerfection could not be read
  • Minor bugfix to the appointment webhook
  • Minor visual bugfixes