Leap Dashboard — 2.2.3

New Features

  • New left navigation and labeling to make the dashboard easier to use
  • New secure payment cell type that allows for both credit card and bank transfer in a single cell
  • Credit application status now displays on each estimate when applicable


  • Resized title fonts on smaller screens
  • Added logic to prevent the submitting transactions twice on estimates
  • Increased the field sizes of the payment method modal in the account section
  • User login duration reduced to a maximum of 24 hours
  • Users are now given warning messages on incorrect logins which include how many more attempts are allowed before the account is locked for 30 minutes
  • Additional improvements to the status report
  • Added warnings to DocuSign integration when user attempts to send a file larger than 25MB
  • Removed the sale/no-sale population rules from the JobNimbus integration (as the is_closed property in JobNimbus does not indicate whether the job is sold or not)
  • Added new fields to ServiceFinance integration
  • Misc Stability Improvements


  • Corrected issue where payment history was not formatting/displaying correctly
  • Corrected issue where new body containers could not be added via drag-and-drop to a document after deleting the already extant one
  • Corrected issue where the ‘new’ button was not displaying on the permissions page for some users
  • Corrected an issue where an icon did not display correctly with certain color schemes
  • Corrected issue where the payment submission page would display for some customers
  • Corrected issue where some users were unable to see the full DocuSign logs
  • Categories can now be deleted in settings
  • Appointment settings now copy between offices
  • Corrected issue where some fields would not display updated data after a user switches offices
  • Provia cells now do not allow users to add detail line items (this is now being enforced)
  • Identifiers are no longer copying when a document item is copied
  • Corrected issue where results were being displayed twice in emails that used links instead of attachments
  • Misc Display Bugfixes