Leap Dashboard — 2.3.0

New Features

  • Secure Credit Application

    This new facilitiy allows sales representatives to send request to customers to complete credit applications on their browser. This information is then stored securely encrypted at Leap and can be used to populate credit applications for submission without the sales representative needed to view sensitive information.


  • Performance and memory improvements in the browser
  • Misc security improvements
  • Webhooks now support finance option information


  • Corrected issue where payment models would dismiss prematurely
  • Corrected issue where dynamic cells in the contract editor did not allow the addition of conditions
  • Corrected layout issue where very long lines in the credit application editor would appear to run off the end of the page
  • Corrected issue where an error message would incorrectly display when closing a payment capture request
  • Corrected issue where adding measure sheet items and options in a specific (and uncommon) order would interfer with saving the changes
  • Corrected issue where text-only cells do not allow for changing the title
  • Corrected issue where users requesting echeck payments or had blank request messages would sometimes see errors
  • Removed automatically generated comma from email address imported from LeadPerfection
  • Multiple UI fixes specific to viewing the Leap Dashboard with an iPad
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Misc stability improvements