Leap Dashboard — 2.4.0

New Features

  • Export Users – This feature will allow you to export an Excel file to view all users on one spreadsheet. This will pull active and inactive users.


  • Local Storage adjustments for faster load times.
  • Added support to reorder Appointment configurations.
  • Users now list as “last name, first name” (ex. Smith, Bob).
  • Identifiers can copy between documents on Documents.
  • Added Date field mapping to Salesforce.


  • Corrected issue with crashing on Credit Applications.
  • Corrected layout issue on E-mail Links.
  • Corrected issue with Credit Applications for clearing thumbnails.
  • Corrected display issue with Credit Applications when moving/adding items to an application.
  • Corrected issue with top navigation menu in Resources & Shared Resources.
  • Corrected issue with Download Owens Corning not pulling data when chosen.
  • Corrected issue when reordering Price Guide Options on new Measure Sheet Items.
  • Corrected issue involving reordering items when Up-Charges are open.
  • Corrected issue with moving Resource in and out of folders.
  • Corrected e-mail address to come from “Leap”
  • Corrected Salesforce issue with checkbox defaulting to True.
  • Corrected issue with Packages changing to the incorrect order.
  • Corrected issue with Dynamics on Secure Credit Applications.
  • Download Soft-Lite now requires credentials prior to submitting.
  • Active Columns now displays as a list to reflect each line from left to right.
  • Misc spelling adjustments.