Leap Dashboard — 2.5.0

New Features

  • JobProgress (Beta) – JobProgress is a new CRM Integration that has been added to Leap.
  • Completed Credit Apps – You can now view any Secure Credit Application in Dashboard in Estimates. This will require any Dashboard user to input their password used for Leap to access.


  • Added support for new logs.
  • Added access logs for Credit Applications.
  • Added Zapier settings panel – view any zaps that are added to an office in Leap or disable any zaps.


  • Corrected issue with reordering Additional Details on Price Guide.
  • Corrected issue with New User Defaults not populating to newly created users.
  • Corrected data validation issue with JobNimbus Settings.
  • Updated data validation when saving Packages.
  • Corrected issue with Payment Refunds not showing up immediately in transactions table.
  • Corrected issue with Credit App Disclaimer not pulling through on Secure Payment Applications.
  • Corrected issue with not being able to reorder documents.
  • Corrected issue when trying to save Credit Applications.
  • Misc Price Guide fixes.
  • Misc spelling & capitalization fixes.
  • Misc navigation fixes.