Leap Dashboard — 2.6.0

New Features

  • United Inch Pickers New picker type on Results, Documents & Price Guide where users can now select 30 x 30 and the field will show as 60 UI.
  • Min & Max Restrictions on Size Pickers You can now designate minimum and maximum sizes for any Size Picker or 3D Size Picker.


  • Added maximum width margin size of half the width of the page.
  • Removed counting on e-mail messages for improved loading times.
  • Fixed Default Credit Application to have all fields enabled as Sendable when pulled.
  • Added improved search functionality for iOS.
  • Added ability to removed Owens Corning data on Premium accounts.


  • Corrected saving issue when editing an existing package.
  • Corrected issue with Invalid Date on Estimate Logs.
  • Corrected issue with approved and denied Foundation applications.
  • Corrected issue moving between offices on Credit App Settings.
  • Corrected issue with Pro accounts document thumbnails.
  • Corrected issue with Pro accounts credit app sending settings being enabled.
  • Corrected issue with Pro accounts adding more than 3 finance plans.
  • Corrected Finance Options pop-up message for Pro accounts.
  • Corrected issue with displaying Current Office in Users.
  • Corrected issue for adding a Resource inside of a folder.
  • Corrected issue with Copy & Paste for Price Guide Additional Details.
  • Corrected issue with DocuSign displaying incorrectly in Info/Billing.
  • Corrected permission groups for Resources.
  • Corrected Contract Titles to PDF Title for Documents.
  • Corrected issue with Settings Show Toggle switch for Price Guide items.
  • Removed Allowed Offices & Assigned Offices from Pro account Add & Edit User pages.
  • Removed Webhook appointment type from Pro accounts.
  • Removed API Access page from Pro accounts.
  • Removed Proposals from Document editors App Section.
  • Removed input types other than keyboard & text formulas for Text (Paragraph) cells on Documents.
  • Misc security improvements