Leap iOS Application — 2.12.0

New Features



  • Improved memory use on creating Documents.
  • Improved timing on linking estimates to Documents.


  • Fixed an issue where Finance Options would not appear when within Min & Max Amounts.
  • Fixed an issue where Deleting & Adding Detail Line Items were not clearing properly.
  • Fixed an issue where entering a value on Results will close the input screen.
  • Fixed an issue where removing an item before contract screen was not working properly.
  • Fixed a crash when an office did not have Custom Fields attached.
  • Fixed a crash involving no internet connection when on the Results screen.
  • Fixed a crash where the customer did not have a state and navigates to Documents.
  • Fixed a crash involving navigating through Packages.
  • Fixed a crash involving blank fields on Credit Applications.
  • Fixed a crash when flipping through PDF files too quickly.
  • Fixed a crash when photos are linked to a Document.
  • Fixed a crash when scrolling through a Customer screen that has Custom Fields.
  • Fixed a crash when a customer is cleared out while attempting to save an Estimate.
  • Fixed a crash where a user would search by symbols.
  • Fixed a crash when a user would select a Document then switch to an office where the Document is not available.