Leap iOS Application — 2.2.0

New Features



  • Added functionality to delete Customers when swiping the customer to the left.
  • Add ability to add callback into URL (for future release)
  • Added stability improvements for PDF files.


  • Corrected issue with price guide items being added in error on Estimates.
  • Corrected issue with Saving as Copy taking you back to the Customer screen.
  • Fixed crash when photos are in the additional details of an Up-Charge.
  • Corrected issue with Dynamic input cells loading incorrect input types.
  • Corrected issue with larger file size thumbnails on Price Guide Items.
  • Corrected invalid URL issue with thumbnails.
  • Corrected issue with Header disappearing in sections of the application.
  • Fixed crash when switching offices while a section on Estimates is opened.
  • Corrected issue where you cannot delete items in Estimates.
  • Corrected issue with totals for Custom Packages not calculating correctly when swiped.
  • Corrected issue where customers can proceed without having a State selected.
  • Corrected issue when using negative values on Estimates.
  • Corrected issue on smaller screens where switches were not storing values properly on GreenSky credit applications.
  • Fixed typo when there is an error on loading an office.
  • Fixed crash when sending a Secure Credit Application when the customer is not saved.
  • Fixed crash when an additional detail that has a placeholder added before changing to photo cell type on dashboard tries to pull on the application.
  • Improved search functionality to load more customers after the initial 30.
  • Corrected issue when editing a package and it defaulted to the first package.
  • Improved stability when pulling customer appointments from CRM.
  • Fixed crash when pulling photos from iCloud library.
  • Improved functionality of web browser for Credit Applications.
  • Fixed crash where tapping a specific customer in completing uploads would not load the document properly.
  • Misc bug fixes.
  • Misc stability improvements.