What Homeowners Want From Contractors in 2021: Trend Forecast


Homeowners are seeking in-the-know, consultive home experts in 2021. Don’t get left behind.

We are experiencing a residential renaissance of homeowner needs and expectations unlike anything before. As covid has made remote working a more commonplace practice, many city dwellers have been, and continue to, relocate further into suburban and rural areas for more spacious homes within their budget.  Many homeowners will go the extra length, hiring a Home Remodeler to expand, modernize and personalize their living space to meet their specific needs (work, exercise, schooling, recreational, habitation, all of the above!) Few are willing to settle. Home Remodel Professionals must prepare themselves, resources, and game-plan to meet these new demands head-on.

Meet the Speakers

Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson
Contracting Consultant & Real Estate Analyst,
Keller Williams

Alex is currently a Real Estate Specialist for KellerWilliams serving the Greater Philadelphia Area and a Private Remodel and Design Consultant, specializing in new and used home buyers relocating from urban to rural areas. Earlier in his entrepreneurial career, he was the founder and owner of Alex-Robi LLC, a boutique marketing company serving exclusively all-natural and organic vendors in the retail grocer sector.

Amy Dugan

Amy Dugan
Exterior Remodeling Consultant & Real Estate Agent
Greater Philadelphia Area

Amy Dugan is an Exterior Remodeling Consultant and Real Estate Agent of the Greater Philadelphia Area. Amy specializes in exterior renovations including roofing, siding, doors, and windows. She enjoys practicing yoga, running, and cooking. ​