Take The Fear Out Of Financing!

GreenSky and Leap have teamed up to bring you the best in-home sales tool on the market. Go 100% paperless by combining GreenSky's industry leading financing with Leaps' revolutionary digital sales platform. Digital estimating, digital contracting, and now digital financing are all wrapped into one incredible solution. Take all the guess work out of your sales process with Leap and GreenSky.

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    Integrated Lending

    Real Time Credit Approvals

    Submit credit applications securely to GreenSky from Leap.  Get real-time approvals within seconds! Eliminate the ‘submit and wait’ process that slows down sales and production.  Lock in an approval at the time of sale so installation can begin right away.

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    Financing Is Now A Selling Tool

    Error-Free Payment Calculations

    Leap makes it easy to calculate a monthly payment for your customer from any estimate just by selecting your financing plan.  No more calculation errors.  Protect your margins and sell more jobs by offering financing at the point of sale!

We've heard things like...

  • “This has been an excellent experience for my company and our team. We have seen an increase in our closed deals and our financing deals as well. Obviously we want to offer our customers every available option to be able to afford our system, and the GreenSky integration with Leap has changed the way we do business!”
    John Chambers, LeafGuard of Indiana