Accurate Estimating Through Technology

Get the most out of your HOVER deliverables by using the HOVER and Leap integration. Create accurate estimates and digital contracts within Leap with your HOVER measurements. Automatically include HOVER images on your contracts and present HOVER's interactive 3D model in your sales presentation!

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    Integrated Reports

    Unmatched Sales Presentations

    Wow customers by including HOVER’s images and interactive 3D model in your Leap sales materials.

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    Dynamic Communication

    Accurate Estimates, Digital Contracts

    Create accurate estimates within Leap using HOVER’s detailed exterior measurements. Seamlessly include the precise estimate and HOVER’s property photos and 3D model in your digital Leap contracts.  

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    Centralized Property Data

    Streamlined Process

    Bring value from the very first sales appointment through the installation process by pulling HOVER’s data package into Leap. Use the measurements to accurately calculate an estimate and share the measurements PDF with your production team for installation planning.