Measure Sheet Items

Measure Sheet Items are the basic items in the price guide that the sales rep will enter measurements for. They are usually not brand specific and will always have a unit of measurement.

Adding a Measure Sheet Item

To add a new Measure Sheet Item, click the Responsive image symbol.

Responsive screenshot

After clicking the Responsive image symbol a new row will be created that allows you to enter information about the new Measure Sheet Item.

Responsive screenshot
Icon Guide
Arrow Responsive screenshot Displays the Price Guide Option(s) available for the Measure Sheet Item. The number on the bottom left displays the number of Price Guide Options for the Measure Sheet Item. The number on the bottom right displays the number of Upcharges for the Measure Sheet Item.
Reorder Responsive screenshot Drag and drop to reorder rows.
Save Responsive screenshot When highlighted in black, click to save changes.
Refresh Responsive screenshot Undo all changes on a row.
Add Responsive screenshot Add a Price Guide Option or Upcharge to the Measure Sheet Item. You can also Paste Options and Upcharges using this button.
Settings Responsive screenshot Edit a row from a form view.
Additional Details Responsive screenshot Display Additional Details.
Custom Placeholders Responsive screenshot Display Custom Placeholders.
Show Toggle Responsive screenshot Responsive screenshot Select to display an on/off switch for items without quantities such as dumpsters or permits. If a quantity can be entered leave this deselected.
Thumbnail An icon that the user sees inside the app.
Category The category under which this item appears inside the app.
Sub Category The sub-category under which this item appears. Note: Sub-Categories are only required if you’re going to use a Drill-Down Measure Sheet or Deep Drill-Down Measure Sheet. If you’re using a Default Measure Sheet you can leave this field blank. See Categories.
Drill-Downs Drill-Downs allow you to add additional sub-categories beneath the sub-category. You can have as many drill-downs as you want separated by “>” symbols. Note: The Drill-Downs column is not active by default. See Active Columns to enable this.
Name The name of the Measure Sheet Item.
Note A note or caution that can appear in the estimate screen as a reminder to reps or as additional information for customers.
Measurement Type The type of measurement used for this item (i.e. Sqft., Each, Linear Ft, etc.).
Offices The offices for which this item will be available. Using multiple offices allows you to filter data based on which office a user is logged into.
Formula ID A unique identifier that can be used in the Quantity Formula (See Formula below). Note: Formula ID is not active by default. See Active Columns to enable this.
Formula This field will allow you to create formulas that will auto populate the quantity of the Measure Sheet Item based on quantity entries of a separate Measure Sheet Item. For example: Lets say you have a Measure Sheet Item with a Formula ID “ItemA”. You could create a second Measure Sheet Item, “ItemB” and in its Formula field add “[ItemA] * 2”. This will make the Leap app take whatever is entered into ItemA, multiply it’s quantity by 2 and enter the measurement into ItemB.. Also, This is the field you add the EagleView and Hover placeholders in the event you want to link EagleView or Hover reports to your Measure Sheet Items. Note: quantity formulas only work with default measure sheets. Note: Formula is not active by default. See Active Columns to enable this.
Delete Responsive screenshot Selecting this deletes the Measure Sheet Item. You cannot undo this.

Measure Sheet Items added to the price guide will appear in the app as follows:

Default Measure Sheet

Responsive image

Drill-Down Measure Sheet

Responsive image

Deep Drill-Down Measure Sheet

Responsive image