Adding Up-Charges allows you to add additional costs to Measure Sheet Items and their Price Guide Options. For example: Say you have a customer who wants a window with a base price of $500. You may want your user to be able to add on additional costs to that window such as grids or triple-pane glass. Leap allows you to present your users with a screen that shows them only the Upcharges.

Add Upcharges

    1. To add a new upcharge, click the Responsive screenshot symbol and select New under Upcharges.
Responsive image
    1. Enter the upcharge information.
Responsive image

Upcharge Icon Guide

Icon Guide
Enable Toggle Responsive screenshot Responsive screenshot When checked, the upcharge is available on this Price Guide Option. This will be enabled by default.
Reorder Responsive screenshot Drag and drop to reorder rows.
Save Responsive screenshot When highlighted in black, click to save changes.
Refresh Responsive screenshot Undo all changes on a row.
Copy/Paste Responsive screenshot Responsive screenshot When checked, this allows you to copy/paste upcharges. See Copy Upcharges.
Settings Responsive screenshot Edit a row from a form view.
Additional Details Responsive screenshot See Additional Details.
Custom Placeholders Responsive screenshot See Custom Placeholders.
Show Toggle Responsive screenshot Responsive screenshot Select to display an on/off switch for items without quantities. If a quantity can be entered leave this deselected.
Thumbnail An icon that the user sees inside the app.
Name The name of the Upcharge.
Note A note that will appear under the name inside of the app.
Measurement Type The type of measurement used for this item (i.e. Sqft., Each, Linear Ft, etc.).
Identifier Used to link the upcharge to a contract or proposal. See Contract Linking. Note: Identifier is not active by default. See Active Columns to enable this.
Calculate as % of Parent Responsive screenshot Responsive screenshot When turned on, the price of this accessory will be calculated by multiplying the value in the “Total” cell by the price of the Price Guide Item to which this accessory is added. For example, consider the case of a Price Guide Item of $500 and an accessory that has a “Total” of 0.15. If this accessory has the “Calculate as % of Parent” turned on, leap will use 75 (500 x 0.15) as the “Total” cost of this accessory.
Price The price for each office in your organization. Each office has two columns for price. A shared price and a unique price.
Shared Price Changing this price will change it across any items this upcharge is copied to. When calculating a price for this item, Leap will first check if there is a unique price (the column to the right of this one). If there is a unique price it will use it for it’s total. If there is NOT a unique price, it will use this price (the shared price) for it’s total. Using shared pricing is recommended as it allows you to change prices across multiple items at once.

Copy Upcharges

In your Price Guide you often will find that upcharges are the same across multiple Measure Sheet Items. Leap allows you to copy upcharges from one Measure Sheet Item to another. Doing this will allow you to share one set of upcharges across many Measure Sheet Items. If you utilize the shared pricing, it will allow you to change the price once and have that propagate to all of the other matching upcharges that have been copied to other Measure Sheet Items. To copy upcharges from one Measure Sheet Item to another:
    1. Check the upcharge(s) you want to copy under the Responsive screenshot button.
Responsive screenshot
    1. Click the Responsive screenshot button on the Measure Sheet Item you want to copy to and click Paste New or Paste Copy under Upcharges.
Responsive screenshot
Paste New
Creates a new upcharge with the same information as the copied upcharge on the Measure Sheet Item. Any edits made to this copy will not change the values on the original upcharge.
Paste Copy
Creates an exact copy of the original upcharge on the Measure Sheet Item. Any edits made to this copy will also change the values on the original upcharge.

Upcharges in the App

From inside of the app, your users will be presented with upcharges as follows: Responsive image Responsive image