Add Spouse to i360 Appointment

To pull over the Spouse or secondary customer name from i360 to your Leap appointments you need to configure the appointment query under App Settings > Appointments.

To do so first use the i360 secondary customer name field or API name i360__Prospect_Secondary__c. Enter this in the query after the word SELECT and followed by a comma. This will instruct Leap to pull over the secondary customer name.

Responsive image

Next you need to specify where this Salesforce/i360 API name should map to in Leap.

  1. Click the Responsive image button.
  2. Enter an App Title. (I.e. Customer Spouse Name or Secondary Customer Name)
  3. Enter i360__Prospect_Secondary__c as the Salesforce API Name.
  4. Select Text|Picklist as the Salesforce Data Type.
  5. Select Spouse First and Last Name as the Map To field.
  6. Switch the Display switch.
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