Additional Details

Additional Details allow you capture more information about a specific Measure Sheet Item besides just the quantity. Examples of Additional Details are colors, sizes, model numbers, photos, etc. Additional Details do not affect the price.

Add Additional Details

    1. To add an Additional Detail to a Measure Sheet Item, click the icon.
    1. Click the button.
Responsive image
  1. Click Done. Don’t forget to save the changes you’ve made.

Additional Details Fields

Each measure sheet item has a hard-coded Additional Detail with the placeholder %tag%. This field can be edited, however it cannot be deleted. Each additional detail item will ask for the following fields:  
Field Name Description
Title The title of the item as it will appear to the user.
Note A note that will be displayed to the user under the title.
Cell Type The type of cell that will be presented to the user. Options include Text (words), Text (sentence), Text (paragraph) and Photos.
Input Type The type of input presented to the user. These include keyboard, picker lists, number inputs, size pickers, currency, and date picker. This allows you to restrict the type of input the user can enter.
Picker Values When the Input Type selected is Picker, list the values that should be used in the picker. These can be copied and pasted using the copy and paste command on your keyboard. Copy from one picker then paste into another.
Default Value The most commonly used selection. This value will appear by default.
Placeholder A unique placeholder that can be used to link the entered value of the item to a Contract, Proposal, or other document type. See Contract Linking.
Copyable When toggled on, SalesPro app users will be able to swipe left and copy a line item and value instead of re-keying all information for a similar item already entered.
Delete Responsive screenshot Deletes the Additional Detail Item.

Additional Details in the App

To access Additional Detail items from within the app, tap on a Measure Sheet Item. Responsive image Responsive image