This section allows you to define where the Leap app can find information about Appointments. There are currently six options to choose from the API dropdown:

No additional setup required.
No additional setup required.
Salesforce/Improveit 360
Additional setup required.
Additional setup required.
No additional setup required.
Additional setup required.

For a comprehensive guide on setting up your CRM see CRM Integrations.


Select MarketSharp as the Source under Appointment Settings and click Save.

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Select LeadPerfection as the Source under Appointment Settings and click Save.

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Select Salesforce as the Source under Appointment Settings and click Save.

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You must also define the information Leap should pull out of Salesforce and then map that information to fields inside of Leap.

For ImproveIT360, click the button. This will setup your account with the necessary data needed to pull appointments from i360 automatically.  No further setup will be required for this section unless you want to customize the data further. See below.

To define the information to be pulled from Salesforce, you must create a SOQL query string and paste it into the Query field. Contact your Salesforce administrator for help on how to create this query string.

Once you have defined a Query string, you must then map the information the query retrieves to fields inside of Leap. You can map each field in your query string by clicking the button and defining a value for the following:

App Title
The title that will appear to the user inside the Leap app.
Salesforce API Name
The API name of the data returned from Salesforce (i.e. i360__Prospect_Primary__c or i360__Comments__c).
Salesforce Data Type
The type of information that will be returned from Salesforce, such as:
Text | Picklist
Plain Text or Picker List
A numerical value that is not plain text.
Appointment Date/Time
The date and time of the appointment
A date value
A string of data in phone-number format.
Date Format
When Date is selected as the Type, you must specify a date format. Note: Salesforce Date fields are “yyyy-MM-dd” and Date/Time fields are “yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSSZ”.
Map To
The field inside of Leap to which the information from a query should be mapped. Options include:
Tells Leap to map the value to an email address.
Tells Leap to map the value to a phone number.
Tells Leap that this is the name of the person associated with a given appointment and populates the first and last name fields.
Full Address
Tells Leap that this is the Street, City, State, and Zip of an address. Leap will try to parse this value and populate the information it has to the correct fields.
Tells Leap to map the value to the street address.
Appointment Notes
Tells Leap to map information collected during an appointment to the appointment notes fields.
Search Button
This field allows users to search previous estimates created for the same customer of a given appointment. The Title will be the title of the Search button inside of the Leap app. You should leave Salesforce Key blank when using this App Key.
Salesforce ID
This field must always be added if you want attachments and notes to be added to Salesforce. You should leave Title blank and Display turned OFF when using this option.


Select JobNimbus as the Source under Appointment Settings and click Save.

You must select the Activity Type(s) Leap should fetch the appointments from. Typically these include Appointment, Task, Phone Call and Meeting.

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Select Calendar as the Source under Appointment Settings and click Save.

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Import Your Calendar

1. In the App Tap the Settings menu.

2. Tap Import Calendars.

3. Check the calendar(s) from the list available.

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See API documentation.