The Attachments section allows you to view any documents that were created and saved by users of the Leap app. It also contains a Logs section which tracks important information about the appointment and logs where and how long the user was in each section of the app.

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The Source Office, Date Filter, Date Field, and User Filter allow the attachments to be filtered. Below these filters will list the attachments. To view the documents simply click on the Documents button. You can view the document by clicking the Responsive image link or resend the document using the Responsive image button. You can also click Download All to download all documents at once. Resending the document will cause the document to be resent on behalf of the original sender as if they sent it from the Leap app.

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Activity Logs

To view the Logs click the Responsive image button. This will display important information about the appointment at the top, such as the appointment duration, how many resources were used, and what documents were sent.

Below this will show exactly where and how long the user spent in each area of the application. This is particularly useful for training new users and learning what is and isn’t working for users in the customer’s home. Activity Logs are saved after the sales rep results the appointment.

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How Activity Logs Work

  1. The logs will start when the sales rep taps the Clear button and selects a new customer/appointment.
  2. Every action from here on out will be captured and attached to this estimate.
  3. The logs will finalize and submit once the rep results the lead by tapping Results > Save