The Categories feature is a way to group products within SalesPro (i.e. Roofing, Siding, Windows, Doors, Bath).

Categories are automatically created when measure sheet items are added in the Price Guide section. Category settings, however, can be accessed by going to App Settings > Categories in your SalesPro Dashboard.

This particular component allows you to set Category Identifiers for price formulas, set each category’s Measure Sheet Type, as well as rearrange the categories according to how you want them ordered in the app.

Category Identifiers

Category Identifiers are useful for when you have different markups or discounts for different products and want to apply that to your Price Formulas.

To set up category identifiers:

  1. In your SalesPro Dashboard, navigate to Price Guide on the menu.
  2. Click Categories.
  3. Create an identifier for each category under the Identifier column. You can set the Category Identifier to whichever letter, word or phrase you want, as long as it hasn’t already been used in the standard price formula (the system will throw out an ‘Invalid’ error for duplicates).
  4. Responsive image
  5. Hit Save to save your changes.

Measure Sheet Types

Each category has a separate Measure Sheet Type. Measure Sheet Types are designed to provide basic to granular categorization of products within the SalesPro App.

Responsive image
Responsive image
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For more information on the different Measure Sheet Types see Add/Edit Measure Sheet Items.

Reordering Categories

Categories can be reordered by dragging and dropping. Don’t forget to click the Responsive image button after rearranging the categories.

Responsive image

Deleting a Category

To delete a Category, simply click the Responsive image icon next to the Category.

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To save all changes, click the Responsive image button.