DocuSign allows contracts, proposals, and other documents to be sent to the customer remotely. DocuSign requires one Business Pro license. If you do not have a license you can purchase one via the DocuSign website. Responsive image

Quick Steps

  1. Switch on Enabled.
  2. Enter your DocuSign username and password.
  3. Enter a Subject for the DocuSign email. This will be the subject of the email the customer receives.
  4. Enter a File Name.
    1. You can use Placeholders in this field such as %customerName% and %date% to include pertinent information related to the job.
    2. In the example above “%customerName% %date% Agreement.pdf” would print as “John Smith 5/13/2019 Agreement.pdf”.
  5. Enter Carbon Copy recipients. This will be the email addresses of anyone that would need to receive a copy of each DocuSign email.
  6. Enter at least one Failure Recipient. This contact will be emailed in the event that the DocuSign fails to go through.
  7. Check the I have read and agree to the Terms of Use associated with this feature. box.

Using DocuSign

Using DocuSign is as simple as generating a contract and hitting the sign button. There will be a DocuSign button on the bottom right of each Signature Capture. This allows individual signatures to be sent via DocuSign to different email addresses. This also provides the ability to sign a signature directly on the iPad and sign a signature with DocuSign on the same document. (Example: The main signer is available to sign in person, but the cosigner is not.) Responsive image After the DocuSign button is pressed, a list of email addresses from the customer screen will be presented. Any email address can also be manually typed in. Responsive image

Completed DocuSign

After a DocuSign has been completed by the recipient(s), you can have the document automatically finish the delivery process by following the contract upload or proposal upload settings (i.e. uploading to your CRM, emailing the customer, etc).

To complete setting up this integration:

  1. Login to your DocuSign account.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Responsive image

  4. Under Integrations on the left-hand menu, click Connect.
  5. Responsive image

  6. Click Add Configuration > Custom.
  7. Responsive image

  8. Add Leap to the Name field.
  9. Add to the URL to the Publish (HTTPS required) field. Leave the Enable Log (maximum 100) and Require Acknowledgement fields checked.
  10. Responsive image

  11. Under the Include section, check the box for Document PDFs.
  12. Responsive image

  13. Under the Envelope Events section, Select Envelope Signed/Completed.
  14. Responsive image

  15. Save your changes by clicking the Responsive image button.
  16. Responsive image