Dynamic Input Type

Dynamic cells are used when data needs to be changed depending on the value of another cell. One example of this is colors that change dependent on the type of item selected. Another example is having additional cells appear depending on the form of payment, such as check or credit card information.

In the example below we will use Form of Payment to display and require a Check # if Check is selected.

  1. First, make sure Form of Payment has an Identifier in order to reference it in another cell. Note: Form of Payment is a Picker with three options (Cash, Check, Credit Card). Responsive screenshot
  2. Under the Check # cell click Settings, select Input Type and select Dynamic. Responsive screenshot
  3. Click Dynamic Settings. Hover over Dependant Cell and select the Form of Payment Identifier. This will reference the values within Form of Payment. Responsive screenshot
  4. Click the ‘+’ symbol under Conditions to add a Condition. Responsive screenshot
  5. The Condition will be a blank line. Hover over the line and then Dependant Values. Select Check as the Dependant Value. Responsive screenshot
  6. Check off Show Cell and Required. Change the Input Type to Number Pad (1). What we are instructing Leap to do is if the Dependant Cell Form of Payment has the value Check we want to show the cell Check #, make it required, and present the user with a number pad to key in the Check #. Responsive screenshot