The Emails section allows you to view all emails that have been sent from users of the Leap app. It will show you the status of the email, and allow you to view any attachments sent with it. The Date and Search menu at the top allows the emails to be filtered.

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The date the email was sent.
The time the email was sent.
The person the email was sent from.
The subject line of the email. This will generally contain the customer’s name and this will also show upload failures if the email failed to upload to the CRM.
Displays whether or not the email was delivered or dropped. If the Status shows dropped, hovering over the word ‘dropped’ will provide more information on why the email was dropped. You are able to see Opened, delivered, dropped. Note: This feature depends on read receipts being turned on in the receiving email client. If it is not turned on, we may not be able to retrieve this information.
Clicking the paperclip button will open the attachment in a new tab.

The menu items at the bottom of the page allow you to either display 10, 25, 50, or 100 rows per page or navigate to a different page.

The email tab also gives the ability to see whether the emails have been delivered, opened or dropped.

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