Get Salesforce / i360 Object Fields

If you are using Salesforce or i360, you will need Object Fields in order to successfully integrate i360 with SalesPro. These Object Fields are located in a specific place in your Salesforce Account.

To access these fields:

  1. In your Salesforce/i360 Account, click Setup.
  2. Under the menu item ‘Build’ on the left side, open up Create.
  3. Click Objects.
  4. Responsive image

  5. Once you are in the Custom Objects page, click Appointment.
  6. Responsive image

  7. The API Name under ‘Custom Object Definition Detail’ is what you will put as your Object Class Name in SalesPro. This is the Salesforce Object ID the Results will be sent to. (i.e. i360__Appointment__c).
  8. Responsive image

  9. Under ‘Custom Fields & Relationships’ is where you will find the API Name. These are the Salesforce Fields that you put in your Results settings.
  10. Responsive image

For more information on how to set up the Salesforce/i360 integration with SalesPro, please see Salesforce / i360.