Mass Copy

Mass Copy allows you to copy values from one Measure Sheet Item to one or more other Measure Sheet Items. This allows you to copy Thumbnails, Options, Upcharges, Additional Details, and much more.
  1. Click Tools > Mass Copy.
  2. Filter by Included Offices, Categories, and Sub Categories to locate the item that contains what you want to copy. Responsive image
  3. Select the source Measure Sheet Item you want to copy from. Responsive image
  4. Select the destination Measure Sheet items you want the source items copied to.Responsive image
  5. Click Responsive image .
  6. Check off the values to copy to the selected items. In this example we are copying Upcharges.Responsive image
  7. Click , and click “I understand” on the warning when you are ready to proceed. Responsive image
  8. Click Responsive image .