New User Defaults

New User Defaults allow you to define settings that will be given to any new users added to your account. This will allow you to set these fields once and have them applied automatically to each new user you create. Responsive screenshot
Select Office
Choose which office these settings will be applied to.
When turned on, this button sets each new user’s account to active. It is recommended to always leave this ON.
Additional Amount
Allows an additional amount to be added to the estimate amount. When using this field add the [UA] identifier to your price formulas.
License Number
Some states require sales representatives to have a license number. Adding a value to this field will provide each new user with a specified value as their License Number (see Placeholders for where this field can be used).
Search Estimates For
You can limit how long a user can find saved estimates. The value you select will allow any new users to search estimates created within the specified time range.
Submit Credit Apps
When turned on, each new user will have permission to submit credit applications.