Calendar & Email Settings

If you are not using a CRM you can still use email to import appointments and send documents. The following information can be exchanged with SalesPro:
  • Documents
  • Credit Applications
  • Results
  • Appointments

Quick Steps

  1. Activate the Calendar Appointment integration.
  2. Configure document sending rules.
  3. Configure Results sending rules.
  4. Configure Credit App Upload rules.

Activate Calendar Appointment Integration

SalesPro will connect to any calendar already added to the iPad. Follow these steps to import your Calendar to the SalesPro app:
  1. In the App, tap the Settings menu.
  2. Tap Import Calendars.
  3. Check the calendar(s) from the list available.
  See the Calendar section under Workflow > CRM and Appointments

Configure Document Sending Rules

SalesPro can send any documents such as Contracts, Proposals, or Custom Documents from the SalesPro application to one or more email addresses. The following steps are for Contract Routing. The same steps apply to Proposal Routing or any other document type. See the Email section under Workflow > Document Routing.

Configure Results Sending Rules

SalesPro allows Sales Reps to result an appointment in the App and have the results automatically emailed to one or more email addresses. SalesPro will also generate a Results report with a summary of the estimate as an attachment. See the Email section under Workflow > Results Routing.

Configure Credit App Upload Rules

SalesPro will email any generic credit applications sent from the application to one or more email addresses. See the Email section under Finance > Credit App Routing.