Packages allow you to group multiple products together to allow users to toggle between different options such as brand or good-better-best lines without having to measure for them individually. This gives your reps the ability to swipe between the different packages without having to manually edit their measurements and select the options individually. You should configure your packages after all of the Measure Sheet Items and Options have been added to the Price Guide.

Add/Edit Packages

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When adding or editing a package you will be presented with the following inputs:

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The name of the package.
The category to which the package belongs.
Included Offices
The offices that can offer the package.
The items in the package.

When adding/editing a package, first select a category for the package. Once selected, Leap will display all Measure Sheet Items that have more than one Price Guide Item that match the selected category. Under the Price Guide column of the Items table, select the options that should be included in the package. When you finish, click Responsive screenshot .

Inside the Leap app, Packages appear as options between which the user can swipe. When a user selects a Package, Leap will add up the items selected in the Items table pictured above. If no thumbnail is added, Leap will display the name of the package instead.

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If you click edit on this screen, you are then taken to a page that displays the preset package choices for every item. You are then able to swipe through these if the client is interested in a custom package.

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