This feature allows you to group together multiple Price Guide Options within the same category to create packages. Once they have been created, you can swipe through different packages in the app, as well as create Custom Packages.

Add/Edit Packages

    1. In your Leap Dashboard, navigate to Pricing > Packages.
    2. To add a new package, click the button.
    3. To edit an existing package, click the button under ActionResponsive image
    4. Fill in the necessary fields:
      • Package Name: The name of the package
      • Category: The category in which the package belongs
      • Included Offices: The offices that the packages would be available in
      • Options: The choose price guide option in the package
    5. Once you select the category in which the package belongs, all Measure Sheet Items that have more than one Price Guide Option show up.
    6. Click the drop-down under Option to select which Price Guide Option you would like to include in the package. Responsive image
    7. After selecting the options, click on the bottom left of the window.

Packages in the App

For packages to appear in the Leap app, you would first need to add quantity measurements to items in a category. Once they have been added, preset packages will then show up on the Estimates screen. Swipe left and right to choose between packages. Responsive image

Custom Packages

If you want to change some of the price guide options in the preset packages, you have the option to create a Custom Package. To create a custom package:
    1. First add quantity measurements to items in your chosen category.
    2. In the Estimates screen, click .
Responsive image
    1. Select the price guide options you want to include in the package.
    2. After you’ve selected price guide options, click .
    3. Leap will then prompt you to name your package. Click Save.
Responsive image Responsive image