Price Formulas

Price Formulas are used throughout the SalesPro app. You can set up formulas to mark up or down based on the pricing you have in the Price Guide.

Add a New Price Formula

  1. In your SalesPro Dashboard, navigate to Price Guide on the menu.
  2. Click Price Formulas.
  3. Click the Responsive image button to add a new formula.
  4. Toggle on the area of the app where you want to apply the formula to.
  5. Hit Responsive image to save all changes made.
Responsive image
The name of the Price Formula.
The formula used to calculate the price. Formulas allow you to use identifier that will tell the app where to pull specific data from.

Formula Identifiers

These are the standard identifiers that SalesPro uses to pull values into a price formula. To include Category Identifiers in a price formula, you will first need to set them up in Categories.  
The book price of all price guide items (except the Custom Product category). This price is pulled directly from the Price Guide
The total of all Custom Product items added by the user.
The Dealer Fee of the selected Finance Option. If no Finance Option was selected this will be replaced with a “0”.
The Down Payment entered in the Finance Calculator section of the app.
The Additional Estimate Amount added to each individual user’s settings.

Formula Toggles

Responsive image
The total price of all items added under that specific Category.
Price Button
The total estimate price found on the bottom of the estimates screen. This is the only field you can toggle on more than one price formula for. By clicking the price on the estimates screen, you can cycle between price formulas that have been switched on for Price Button.
Results Note
Used in Results section of the results report automatically populated by the Total Estimate Price field.
Results Report
Used to determine the individual line item prices printed on the results report.
Price Guide
Used to determine individual prices for line items listed in the Price Guide section of the SalesPro app.
Used to populate prices on contracts when linking Measure Sheet Items.
Responsive image Responsive image

Testing Suite

Click Responsive image on any formula to enter the Testing Suite. You can use the test suite to test your Price Formulas and ensure your prices are calculating correctly. Responsive image