Price Formulas

Price Formulas are used throughout the Leap app. You may define formulas to mark up or down item totals added to an estimate. To add a new Price Formula, click the Add button.

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The name of the item to which the price corresponds.
The formula used to calculate the price. Formulas allow you to use placeholders that will tell the app to use specific data from inside of the app. Useable placeholders are as follows:
    The dealer fee of the selected finance option. If no finance option was selected this will be replaced with a “0.”
    The additional amount added to each individual user.
    The down payment entered into the app.
    The total of all items added by the user (except in the “Custom Product” category).
    The total of all “Custom Product” items added by the user.
After you define the Price Formulas, you must then tell the app where to use them. You can do that by using the On/Off switches shown below. There are six places inside of the app where you can use formulas. Except for the Price Button, all sections of the app can have only one formula defined.
See Image 1.1
Price Button
See Image 1.1
Results Note
Used in Results section for Total Estimate Price fields. See Image 1.2
Results Report
Used to determine the individual line item prices printed on the results report. See Image 1.2
Price Guide
Used to determine individual prices for line items listed in the Price Guide section of the Leap app.
Used to populate prices on contracts when linking Measure Sheet Items.

Image 1.1

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Image 1.2

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