Price Guide Options (2.9 and prior)

Price Guide Options allow you to offer different choices for a measure sheet item. Examples of these are different brands, styles or series. Options allow the sales rep to enter measurements once and then easily swipe between the different options available.

Adding Options

After adding a Measure Sheet Item it will automatically add a Price Guide Option. To view the Price Guide Option(s), click the blue arrow. Responsive screenshot To add a new or additional Price Guide Option click the Responsive image symbol and select New under Price Guide Options.
Icon Guide
Reorder Responsive screenshot Drag and drop to reorder rows.
Save Responsive screenshot When highlighted in black, click to save changes.
Refresh Responsive screenshot Undo all changes on a row.
Copy/Paste Responsive screenshot Responsive screenshot When checked, this allows you to copy/paste Price Guide Options. See Copying Options.
Brand The brand name of the Price Guide Option.
Name The name of the Price Guide Item.
Price A price for each office in your organization.
Custom Placeholders Allows you to link non-standard information from this option (when selected) from the estimate to the contract. See Contract Linking.
Delete Responsive screenshot Selecting this deletes the Price Guide Option. You cannot undo this.
Finished Price Guide Option: Responsive screenshot

Copying Options

The Responsive screenshot button allows you to copy a Price Guide Option from one Measure Sheet Item to another. This can be beneficial when you have different Measure Sheet Items that contain the same Price Guide Options. To copy Price Guide Options from one Measure Sheet Item to another, check the Option(s) you want to copy under the Responsive screenshot button of the item you want to copy from. Responsive screenshot Click the Responsive screenshot button on the Measure Sheet Item you want to copy to and click Paste New or Paste Copy under Price Guide Options.
Paste New
Creates a new option with the same information as the copied option on the Measure Sheet Item. Any edits made to this copy will not change the values on the original option. Pro Tip: If you plan on changing anything in the brand, name, or price field, use this option.
Paste Copy
Creates an exact copy of the original option on the Measure Sheet Item. Warning: Any edits made to this copy will also change the values on the original option.
Responsive screenshot To save the price guide, you will click the Responsive screenshot button in the top right of your screen. If you click on another page without saving your work, you will be prompted with a reminder to either save or leave without saving. Responsive screenshot

Selecting Options on the iPad

Once in the estimate, choose an item that has options in your price guide and hit done. On this screen, select edit underneath the item category you have just chosen. Responsive screenshot This will take you to a screen that displays swipeable option choosers for each item in your price guide that includes options. Responsive screenshot To learn how to add packages to swipe on the main estimate page, click here.