Price Guide Overview

The Price Guide is the backbone of Leap as it stores all of the information and details about the products you sell including items, pricing, accessories, etc. Before building your price guide, it is important to plan out your data structure in a way that will be easy for your sales reps to create accurate estimates. The Price Guide is structured using the following core elements.


Categories are built to separate out products by product type.
Measure Sheet Items
The types of items that measurements are entered for. They are usually not brand specific and will always have a unit of measurement (I.e. Sqft., Linear Ft., Each, Sq., etc.).
Price Guide Options
Line items that have prices associated with them and are generally options or choices for each Measure Sheet Item. They will ALWAYS be associated with a Measure Sheet Item. You must have at least one Price Guide Option in order to enter a price for a Measure Sheet Item. However, you can have multiple Price Guide Options associated with a single Measure Sheet Item.
Upcharges are related to Price Guide Options and can add to or decrease the cost of a Price Guide Option.
Additional Details
Allows you capture more information about a specific Measure Sheet Item besides just the quantity. (I.e. Notes, Photos, etc.)


Category Windows Roofing Bath
Measure Sheet Item Double Hung 0 – 101 UI Shingles Bathtub
Price Guide Option 1000 Series Duration Kohler Acrylic
Upcharges Beige Additional Layer
Additional Details Location/Size Photos Color

Shingle Example

Responsive screenshot

Window Example

Responsive screenshot