Price Guide Tools

The Price Guide screen is designed to present all your pricing data within one filterable view. You can use Tools to mass copy your data, do mass price changes, export and import your price guide, and also import products from our integrated partners.

Quick Steps

Responsive screenshot

Mass Price Change

This feature allows you to change the pricing of multiple items at once.
Gives you the option to either Multiply, Divide, Add, or Subtract pricing
Select which category of items you want to change
Select which subcategory you want to change
Select which offices these items are saved in
Enter the amount you want to change the pricing by
Include Up-charges
Toggling this on will also change the pricing of your Up-charges in that category
Responsive image For more information, see Mass Price Change.

Mass Copy

This button will allow you to copy many different attributes from one Measure Sheet Item to one or more other Measure Sheet Items. See Mass Copy article for more information.

Active Columns

This dropdown menu allows you to select the columns you would like to display or hide for your Measure Sheet Items, Price Guide Options, and Upcharges. Responsive image

Included Offices

A dropdown displays the office(s) you would like to display price guide data for. Responsive image


A dropdown displaying all of the categories in your Price Guide. You can select one or more to narrow your list of products displayed. These categories will populate the Category dropdown inside of the Estimates section of the app. If a Measure Sheet Item is added to your price guide with a category that doesn’t exist, SalesPro will automatically create it. Responsive image

Sub Categories

A dropdown displaying all of the subcategories within the category or categories selected. You can select one or more to further narrow your list of products displayed. If no subcategory is selected it will show all of the subcategories in that category. Responsive image