ProVia dealers can pull images and product specifications from entryLink to populate the contract or proposal templates. To connect your ProVia entryLink account to SalesPro enter your entryLink username, and password in the correct fields. If you buy direct from ProVia, leave the Portal Login switch OFF. If you buy ProVia doors through a distributor, you should turn this switch ON. When all fields are filled out, click Responsive image . Responsive image From inside of the ProVia app, you need to also add this account. You will need to do this for every iPad that uses the ProVia app. Responsive image To access the entryLink order on the app simply enter the order number on the ProVia template and SalesPro should pull in the job specifications and images.

ProVia Placeholders

ProVia automatically pulls in the order information when the entryLink order number is entered in the Contract. There are also a number of placeholders that can be used to pull in additional information such as the item tag and order price. See Placeholders for more information.