Rehashed Appointments (1.9.0 and prior)

You may run into a situation where a buyer does not want to commit to a sale on your first visit. Because you are pulling the appointment over to your Leap calendar through your CRM, the No Sale result will apply to this appointment. When you return for another appointment at the later time, follow along below.
  1. Create a brand new appointment in your CRM and assign that to your sales rep.
  2. When the sales rep arrives at the appointment, click Customer and search for the old estimate.
  3. Click Done.
  4. In the top right, click Tools and Copy. Responsive image Responsive image
  5. Click Clear in the bottom left hand corner, then Clear on the popup.
  6. Responsive image Responsive image
  7. Click Customer and open the newly made appointment brought over by your CRM and click Done
  8. Tap Tools and Paste
Responsive image Responsive image This serves to copy the old estimate and paste it into the new appointment. Because we are pulling appointments from your CRM, all of the resulting and contracts will be linked to the appointment selected during the estimate itself. You would not want to re-assign the old appointment in your CRM to your sales rep because all of the information for the new sales opportunity will be linked to the old appointment.