Resources allow you to add files to the SalesPro app that users can access. Supported file types include PDF, PowerPoint and EPUB (iBooks), URLs, Video (MOV or MP4) and Audio files (WAV or MP3). To add files to your resources section, navigate to the Resources section of the SalesPro dashboard website.

Add New Resource

To add a new resource first navigate to the Resources section and click the New button. Responsive image You will be presented with a view to upload a new resource. Responsive image
Resource Type
The type of file being uploaded. Options include:
When uploading any PDF, PowerPoint, EPUB, Video (MOV or MP4), or Audio file (WAV or MP3).
When you would like to specify a website to be bookmarked inside of SalesPro.
When you would like to create a folder to nest other resources in.
Display Name
The name of the resource.
Included Offices
The Included Offices that can use the resource.
The url to the website you’re trying to bookmark. Note: This field only appears when you select URL for Resource Type.
The file you want to upload.
Creates an index of tabs for lengthier documents. This acts like a table of contents allowing the user to skip to a section of the pdf document.
You can filter which Resources will appear in which offices by using the Offices filter. Responsive image To edit or delete a resource, first hover your cursor over the resource and click the Edit or Delete action. To reorder Resources simply drag and drop. To move a Resource into a folder simply drag the Resource overtop of the folder and drop.

Add Tabs To PDF Resource

Adding tabs to a PDF resource allows users to flip to a specific page at the click of a button. This is useful for navigating PDF documents with many pages.
  1. To add tabs to a resource, first edit the resource.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select a Page #.
  4. Enter a Tab Title
Responsive image

Shared Resources

SalesPro offers a variety of shared resources that can be copied into your SalesPro account with the click of a button. To access these click the Shared Resources button. Responsive image To copy a shared resource, hover over the resource and click the copy button. Responsive image

Sort Alphabetically

SalesPro has the ability to sort all resources alphabetically. Simply click the Sort Alphabetically button. You may need to refresh the page to see the changes.

Removing Resource from Folder

SalesPro offers the ability to sort resources into folders, but you are also able to remove a resource from a folder if needed. To do so, first navigate into your Resources folder containing the resource to be moved. Responsive image To move a resource out of a folder, click and drag over the resource. Drag the resource over the Return button on the top left side of the screen. When the resource image shrinks over the Return button, let go of your mouse cursor to finish moving the resource.