Secure Payment Capture

Secure Payment Capture allows you to securely capture PCI compliant credit card and eCheck payment information. The payment methods are then stored in the Leap system in order to process payments from the dashboard at anytime. This is useful for initiating a payment after the notice of cancellation period has ended and/or after the job has been completed.

Integration Setup

The majority of payment processors require a username and password although others may require a merchant ID and/or a unique key. Your payment processor can provide this information for you. There are several other fields that can be customized as well.

  1. Select the Gateway from the list of Payment Processors.
  2. Enter the required fields for the Gateway.
  3. Check “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use associated with this feature.”
  4. Enter a Default From Email. This is the email address the payment request will be sent from.
  5. Enter a Request Email Subject. This is the subject of the payment request emails.
  6. Select the Allowed Payment Types. Check off whether the payment processor accepts Credit Cards, Bank/eCheck payments, or both.
  7. Enter a Success Redirect URL. This is the website the customer will be redirected to after submitting a payment. If left blank the customer will be redirected to a generic Leap thank you page
  8. Enter at least one Success Notification Recipient. This is the email address of the person who should be notified when a payment is submitted.
  9. The Default Email Template has a generic email layout for the payment request, however it can be modified.
  10. See Email Preview will display a preview of the email layout for the payment request.
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Contract Setup

  1. Setup the payment section of your contract with the Secure Credit Card Capture and Secure eCheck Capture cells to allow your contract to capture this information.
    1. Edit the contract that contains the payment section.
    2. Responsive image
      1. Change Credit Card Cell Type to Secure Credit Card Capture.
        1. Select the cell that contains the credit card information.
        2. Click Settings.
        3. Click Cell Type.
        4. Click Secure Credit Card Capture.
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      2. Change Check Cell Type to Secure eCheck Capture.
        1. Select the cell that contains the check information.
        2. Click Settings.
        3. Click Cell Type.
        4. Click Secure eCheck Capture.
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      3. Save Changes to the Contract.

Capturing Payment Info

To capture credit card or check information simply go to that section of the contract on the Leap app. Tap on the cell that contains the appropriate form of payment.

Capturing Credit Card Information:

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Capturing Check Information:

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Processing Payments

After a payment method has been securely captured it will be stored within the customer record in the Estimates section.

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Clicking the customer’s record will display any payment methods and previous transactions toward the bottom of the page. It also contains any attachments including the contract in case the total contract amount, deposit, balance, and any other previous payments need to be referenced.

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Clicking the payment method will open a window to initiate a new transaction.

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