Sendable Credit App (Remote Credit App)

The Remote Credit App feature allows you to send your customer a default credit application for them to fill out themselves and send back to Leap where the information is securely stored. This information can then be pulled into any Lender Credit Applications in your Leap account.

Quick Steps

  1. Set up the Remote Credit App integration settings.
  2. Set up Default Credit Application settings.
  3. Send your customer a Secure Credit Application via email.
  4. Pull up the completed Credit App information on the iPad.
  5. Send the credit application to the specified Lender.

Integration Settings

  1. In your Leap Dashboard, click Finance > Remote Credit Apps.
  2. Switch on Enabled.
  3. Enter a default From Email. This is the email address the credit application will be sent from. This field is required.
  4. Enter an email subject in the Subject Line. This is the subject of the email your customer receives when you send a fillable credit app. This field is required.
  5. Add Success Recipients. These are the email addresses of the persons you want notified when the credit application has been completed by the customer.
  6. Enter a Success Redirect URL. This is the website the customer will be redirected to after submitting a credit app. If left blank, the customer will be redirected to a generic Leap thank you page
  7. The Default Email Template is a generic email layout for a credit app request. This can be modified if you wish to do so.
  8. Click Save.
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Default Credit App Settings

Set up the default credit application to enable send. Click here for more information on how to add a default credit application to your account.
    1. Go to Finance > Credit Applications.
    2. Hover over Default Credit App and click the pencil button to edit.
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    1. Switch on Enable Send.
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    1. Select a field you want the customer to fill out. (ex. First Name)
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Toggle on Customer Fillable.
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  1. Click Save

Sending a Fillable Credit App

To send a fillable credit application from the Leap app:
    1. Pull up the Customer you want to send it to.
    2. Navigate to Credit Application.
    3. Open the Default Credit Application (Non-Lender application).
    4. Click Send Secure Credit Application via Email on the bottom of the page
  1. Choose or type in the Email Address you want to send it to.
  2. Add a Message to the Credit Application Request in the text box. This is optional.
  3. Click Send.
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Accessing Completed Credit App

Once the customer has filled out and sent back the credit application, all email addresses listed in Success Notification Recipients will receive an email stating that the application has been completed. To populate completed information to the iPad:
    1. Pull up the saved estimate from the Customer tab.
    2. Navigate to Credit Application.
    3. Click on the Lender Credit Application that you want to populate in.
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  1. Fill in the rest of the Required Fields.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click Submit.

Unlink a Filled Credit Application

It’s possible you might run into situations where you would need to unlink the information that your customer has already submitted. Unlinking the application will allow you to fill in the fields manually. To do this, click Unlink the Application on the bottom of the credit application screen. Responsive image