Sketch Pad Input Type

The Sketch Pad cell type allows many customizations. In this article, we will show you the many options available to you while using the Sketch Cell on the iPad.

To add a Sketch Cell, add a line item and click on Settings > Cell Type > Sketch.

Responsive screenshot You may also want to alter the height of the sketch pad by clicking Settings > Sketch Pad Height.

When adding a Sketch Cell to your document, you may also add a background photo. If your company needs a generic bathroom or roofing photo for example, you can hover over the Sketch Cell and upload a photo from your computer. When working on a document on your iPad, you are presented with the Sketch Pad with 8 options underneath.


  1. Pencil-This allows you to draw on in the area.
  2. Responsive screenshot
  3. Color picker- Choosing this option brings up a range of colors for you to use with the pencil.
  4. Responsive screenshot
  5. Eraser-You can choose a size of an eraser, and remove sections of the pencil sketch.
  6. Responsive screenshot
  7. Text- This allows text to be inputted to the sketch. Once the text is typed, you may use two fingers to make the text smaller, bigger and rotated.
  8. Responsive screenshot
  9. Picture –Clicking this brings up a menu to choose a picture on your iPad to input to the sketch pad. Once inserted, you may click, drag and resize with two fingers.
  10. Responsive screenshot
  11. Grid (#)-Leap can provide a grid pattern as a background. You may adjust the grid size in this menu as well.
  12. Responsive screenshot
  13. Undo-Removes the most recent changes made to the sketch.
  14. Responsive screenshot
  15. Trash can– Options to delete the whole sketch, photos, text or all.
  16. Responsive screenshot