Users (2.9 and prior)

The Users screen allows you to add and edit users. Here you can enter basic information about the user such as their contact information and license number. In addition, there are a few basic permission settings such as how far back they can search for saved estimates and what office or offices they are allowed to access.

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License Number
The user’s license number. This number will populate any field that contains the “%usersLicense%” placeholder.
Search Other User’s Estimates
Turning this switch on will allow the user to view all estimates created by any of your organization’s users. Turning this switch off will allow the user to search only those estimates he or she has created.
Allowed Offices
The offices the user is allowed to log into.
The office to which this user is assigned. Note: Users can change their assigned office from the SalesPro app.
The permission group to which the user belongs.
API Credentials
Adding API credentials to a user’s profile allows him or her to connect to third-party integrations from within SalesPro. To add an API credential, click the Add button, select the Endpoint and add the user’s username and password for that endpoint. Current supported endpoints are MarketSharp, Salesforce, LeadPerfection, JobNimbus and EagleView