Leap Pro: The Perfect Fit for Flooring Contractors

Leap has introduced a new product that every flooring contractor can use when engaging a homeowner for a project. Leap’s software helps a business of any size to transform their sales process to a completely digital experience. Homeowners today expect all communications and transactions to be both visual and digital. Sales professionals and entrepreneurial companies can get started immediately with a complete sales solution from Leap. All it requires is an iPad to get started. 

Leap’s Benefits

  • Generating Digital Estimates – Homeowners would rather receive a digital estimate over a piece of paper. There is a perception of less transparency when a salesperson writes a number down on paper versus one who is able to show how they arrived at that number through pricing and measurements calculated in an app. Getting the homeowners’ views and updating the estimates is easy and almost immediate when using technology.
  • Digital Documents and Signatures – The ease of use of digital documents and signatures far outweighs the experience of having paper to sign. With paper documents, your sales reps need to see the customer in person in order to obtain a signature. If the customer then requests a digital copy you have to go back to the office and scan it electronically or use an app on your phone to scan the documents. When using digital documents from the start, you save an immense amount of time and can send a digital document to the homeowner to sign it and save a copy seamlessly. 
  • Digital Presentations – Send information about your company and credibility signals like reviews and certifications in advance. 
  • Secure Electronic Payments – Technology helps more mid-sized and smaller businesses take advantage of benefits virtually through stress-free workflows that allow you to accept payments securely without needing to manually record the transaction. In addition, you can use tools to offer financing options to close more deals. 
  • Integration to CRM – Business owners need to know the results of their investments so that they can allocate the funds appropriately. To achieve this degree of tracking, all the sales data needs to be sent back to your CRM or other systems. 

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How is Leap Pro Different?

As your business grows, Leap grows with you! Leap prides itself on constantly adding new features and integrating with the most useful software companies. Together we help you scale and grow your business easily – all within 1 application.  

  • Comprehensive – One app for everything, your one-stop-shop that does everything from presentations, estimates, documents, measurements, pricing, electronic signature, and payment, and everything syncs back to your home base. 
  • Actionable – No need for typing in data multiple times – everything is ready for you when you are talking to your customers. 
  • Flexible – Connects easily to any of your existing software tools like your CRM, measurement systems, and financing apps all in one place. 
  • Mobile – Whether you are at your showroom or on the road, you can take this app anywhere! With just one application, your information is updated instantly everywhere. 
  • Secure – No danger of running into compliance issues and no more writing down customer’s credit card information. Just a simple way to accept payments from customers securely. 

What does this mean for you?

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