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The Project Management Survival Guide EBook image

The Project Management Survival Guide

A survival guide for office managers who want to turn problems into project management.

Market Report Annual Benchmark 2024

2024 Annual Business Benchmark Report

Home Improvement and Remodeling Annual Benchmark Report

2022 Roofing Subcontractor Price Sheet

2023 Roofing Subcontractor Price Sheet

See if you’re paying too much for labor and how you compare in your state.

Additional eBooks & Resources

Digitize Your Sales Process

A guide for companies who want to become more efficient by going paperless.

Digitize your sales process ebook

Good-Better-Best Price Guide

A pricing guide for in-home sales reps to win more and boost revenue.

Good better best price guide ebook

Go Beyond the Job Board: Modernized Recruiting in 2022

There’s so many recruitment tools, platforms and services out there, which one do you choose?

Leadership Challenge Workbook

Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are as a leader and what type of leader you are…

Estimating the Right Way

Uncover eight key areas that will help you increase your profit margins on jobs and…

Blueprint for the Future: Building a Successful and Resilient Company

Shashi Bellamkonda talks about overcoming homeowner bias and maintaining your company’s reputation.

2022 – A Year of Challenge for the Home Improvement Industry

The home improvement industry may exceed $400 billion dollars when year-end 2021 is fully calculated. If a retail home improvement company did not have great sales last year, they missed an outstanding opportunity…

Are Hybrid Workplaces the Future of Work?

When safer-at-home policies were enacted at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers across the country scattered to their homes, making remote work, at least temporarily, the “new normal.” Today, a new…

What You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising

Marketing is an essential component of sustaining and growing your business. Many successful marketing campaigns include advertising on Facebook—it’s simply too big to ignore. But Facebook has changed, and you need to know…

The Advantages of Getting Certified as a Women Owned Business

There are some advantages to being a woman business owner as well, but you need to be certified as an official woman-owned business to take advantage of them. Some of the benefits of certification include…

How to Run a Business With Your Spouse

There are more family-owned businesses in America than you may think—the U.S. Census Bureau says 90% of all businesses in North America are family firms. And many of those companies are in the construction industry…

Maximize Slow Season

The home improvement industry is at a turning point when it comes to technology. Contractors who embrace and adopt technology into their business are going to have a huge advantage over others who do not…

How to Choose the Right CRM For You

It is important to embrace technological changes to become more efficient, and in turn, maximize profitability. Most tools on the market today are created to solve a gap in efficiency or process…

What Do Homeowners Want Today?

2020 was a surprisingly good year for many home remodeling businesses, and that demand has continued through 2021. But what projects are most in-demand? We took a look at three different…

The 2021 Marketing Guide For Contractors

This guide covers everything from 2021’s industry outlook, to keys for success, the discovery journey for homeowners, adopting a mobile approach, marketing tactics, ratings and reviews, and other…

Turn Your Sales Team into Trusted Advisors

Leap and Signpost teamed up to created a comprehensive list of tips that will help convert your sales team into trusted home advisors…

Selling to Millennial Homeowners: What You Need to Know

According to Business Insider, in the past year “homes have been selling at breakneck speed.” Many Millennials are buying fixer-uppers. Here’s what you need to know about millennial homeowners…

Visual Tools

It’s easier than ever to create outstanding visuals so your customers can envision what their project will look like, and you can quickly close more sales…

10 Hidden Gems

10 features of Leap you likely are not using, but that can have a significant impact on your business. If you’re too busy to set these up, the Leap professional services team can do it for a reasonable fee…

Choosing Technology For Your Home Services Company

We know that choosing technology to bring into your business can be a daunting task, leaving many home services contractors questioning where to start. That’s why we have created this eBook to give you a jump start and get started (or continuing to grow) your company using technology…

Sharpen Your Reputation Management Strategy

It’s imperative that your reputation management is strong, especially in today’s tech heavy world. Ask yourself this – how do your future customers think of your business?

9 Digital Sales Tools for Contractors

To win business with today’s digitally-savvy homeowner, your company needs to embrace digital tools and technology to make it easier for homeowners…

Visually Enhance Your Digital Contracts and Estimates

Have your homeowners easily visualize their upcoming projects and reduce the chances of any miscommunications! Make your contracts easy to understand and get an agreement quickly!

Home Contractor’s Guide to Social Distancing

Adapt to social distancing protocols and the new normal by using technology to continuing to do and grow your business…

Home Contractor’s Guide to Prepare for the Great Comeback

Smart business owners, many of them Leap customers, running interior and exterior home remodeling businesses are using this time to setup their businesses to keep running and prepare for the comeback…

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